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In the event of an emergency during normal office hours please call but if you do not hear from us within an hour and are concerned please call Briarcliff Animal Hospital at 904-641-5522 or your nearest animal hospital for an appointment at that facility.

Normal Office Hour Emergencies: Call Briarcliff Animal Hospital: 904-641-5522, Briarcliff Website

After Hour Emergencies: For after hour emergencies (after 5pm, before 8:30 am, Saturday and Sunday), we advise that you contact the pet emergency centers shown below.

  • Affiliated Veterinary Emergency Center : 904-642-5911
  • Beaches – Blue Sky Emergency : 904-223-8000
  • Clay Duval Emergency:  904-264-8281

For Goats or Pigs: Call the University of Florida in Gainesville: 352-392-4700

View Map of Emergency Locations in Jacksonville.

Dr. Sarah Skinner · Mobile Only Veterinarian · 904-733-3389

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