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NO APPOINTMENTS OR NEW PATIENTS December 20, 2019 - January 13, 2020.
I am sorry for the inconvenience. Please leave an email and we will catch up upon our return. Please...if there is an emergency or you deem it an emergency go to the nearest veterinary hospital. We recommend San Jose Beauclerc Animal Hospital, Deerwood Animal Hospital or Briarcliff Animal Hospital or Timuquana Animal Hospital..though there are many to choose from.

Phone Calls

When calling us, please leave a voice mail.

Callbacks are done in the order that they are received and according to the urgency of the message. If the message is left after hours or on the weekend the call back will be the next business day. If the call is an emergency… please leave a message but if the situation is critical the animal must be transported to the nearest veterinary hospital or emergency center.

We are anxious to help but keep in mind the logistics of a mobile practice — sometimes we just can’t physically get there so please leave a message and we will be glad to help by phone to give advise as to the best direction to take or whether you might be able to wait for an appointment.

Dr. Sarah Skinner · Mobile Only Veterinarian · 904-733-3389

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