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Two sweet cats need a new home.

The owner of these two kitties died recently. Her sister and friend are hoping to find homes for them.

The cats have been well cared for, We can furnish all necessary medical information. If you think of anyone. please pass this along. Sugar is a shy sweet lady cat who likes the quiet life. Tika is very loving and friendly.  Both are indoor cats.

If interested, please contact Chris Miller at (904) 739-9172

Tika is very loving and friendly.
Sugar is a shy sweet lady cat who likes the quiet life.

Hello, my name is Pepper!

Let me take a minute to tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a Pointer/ Terrier mix. Needless to say as a female I’m a little shy about telling you my weight, but I’m about 45 lbs (mostly hair.) I’m originally from All About Animals, located in Blackshear, Georgia, but I’m being fostered by the wonderful staff at River City Community Animal Hospital (RCCAH.) See, I recently had to have major eye surgery–actually I had to have my eye removed. The staff at RCCAH donated the surgery and I was sent to Florida for recovery.

I was a little sad to lose my eye, but I was excited to go to Florida. In Florida, I went to the beach, rode in a boat, and met wonderful new animals and people. My foster family was very pleased since I got along with their large Parrots and numerous cats.  Although my foster family loves me very much they think it is time for me to find my forever home. My eye is completely healed and I’ve adjusted well to being a “special” dog.

If your family has room in their hearts and home for a special girl like me, please call RCCAH at 904-733-8123.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

May I introduce myself? My name is Peggy.

I am a very young and single mother who was dumped…yes, DUMPED…with my kittens at Clay County Animal Control many weeks ago. I was absolutely terrified and certain I would die there with my kittens, but instead, a miracle occurred!!

 First of all, some of my children were adopted. I am so thankful for that, although two of them are still there and it is not looking hopeful (this is a “high kill rate” shelter and it is cold without heat and so few people come to adopt.)

I can’t tell you much about my early life, as it is a blur, but I have a special needs issue  that has upset and scared many people who have seen me….I have no back feet.

I really don’t remember well what happened. I wasn’t born this way. My legs were cut off at the ankle, and I had to learn to walk on and around the nubs. Of course, it didn’t stop me from getting pregnant, either, and having normal babies, but it has made it hard to escape from mean people and dogs and I cannot run, so I have to have a very protective home for the rest of my life, if I hope to survive safely.

My luck started to improve when a very kind lady, Peggy Haynes (with Pet Rescue North) found out about me and tried to help spread the word about me. She told Dr Gionet about me and Dr Gionet and Dr Brooke Davis decided to rescue me. Peggy Haynes (she is named Peggy even though she has both back feet) sent a volunteer down to Clay County Animal Control and rescued me from certain death. She brought me back to the shelter at Pet Rescue North and Dr Gionet came and picked me up and I stayed with her family a few days and then Dr Davis came and took me home.

I have been tested for Feline Leukemia and also for FIV and I am clear of both, and I  am being dewormed and vaccinated this week and will be spayed, as well. I am a pretty girl, even if I do say so myself, and am so very grateful to have a chance to live…I just want everyone to know that a miracle occurred for me and I will have a chance to grow old somewhere in a forever home, thanks to kind people who cared enough to save me.

If you could ever do the same for another helpless kitty (my kittens are still there, remember,) PLEASE consider saving a life!! You will never regret it, I do promise you, and such a small act on your part can literally mean life for one of us.

If you cannot adopt right now, but wish to help contribute to my medical expenses, please just get in touch with us through our website or e-mail ( or,) and anything at all would really help with expenses.

Thanks for listening….and thanks for rescuing or adopting and I thank everyone for giving me a HAPPY NEW YEAR AND HAPPY NEW LIFE!!!!

Love, Peggy


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